Angora Napkin: Cuddle Core Collection

  • Angora Napkin: Cuddle Core Collection

It’s cute! It’s obscure! It was almost a cartoon in Canada! It’s the exciting return of… Angora Napkin!

Collecting of both the Eisner Award-nominated Angora Napkin and Angora Napkin: Harvest of Revenge! Horrors, zombies, power chords drawn on paper―it’s everything you could imagine and more!

"Angora Napkin is akin to Josie and the Pussycats, if Josie, Melody and Valerie drank absinthe, were promiscuous and longed to act as heralds of a revolution. At first, it seems simply like an oddball, goofy study in excess, but the louder side of the plot and characters hides the fact that Little has hidden some clever but twisted thinking and worldviews in the script." – Eye on Comics