9"x12" Commissions by Brenda (VERY LIMITED)

$300.00 CAD
  • 9"x12" Commissions by Brenda (VERY LIMITED)

LIMITED TIME ONLY!! Commissions close Jan 1, 2023

9"x12" original, full colour illustration drawn on smooth bristol paper and rendered with copic marker. Please keep all illustration requests to pre-existing characters (ie: no OC's please), maximum of 2 characters for human, maximum of 3 characters if My Little Pony or Aggretsuko. Upon placing your order, Brenda will be in contact with you via email and we will discuss details. If you have a blank sketch cover you wish to provide as an alternative, please let me know via email.


Ships flat in protective plastic bag with cardboard reinforcement, bubble wrap envelope for good measure. "Do Not Bend" notice will be also added to the outside of the envelope. Tracking number will be included.

1-3 months for your order to be filled. You will be notified via email when your artwork has been shipped out.


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